Writing callbacks with python api using accumulate


I am using external database API in order to implement an external data provider.
When I was trying to implement callbacks using accumulate I noticed that the linked list of confd_tr_item is not accessible through python API.
To be more specific, class TransCtxRef attributes doesn’t contain confd_tr_item, according to the manual.
There is not a single reference for this list in python API except in confd_lib.h
Am I missing something ?


You may want to file a ticket with Tail-f support if you require this functionality in the Python API.
From ConfD 6.3.1 examples.confd/intro/python/6-config/hosts.py:

    def cb_commit(self, tctx):
        print("commit called with {0}".format(tctx))
        # Not implemented in this example, as the "ACCUMULATE" calls in the
        # data modifying methods do not yeld data as in C API - it cannot be
        # accessed in current version of PY-API.
        # Persistence of the external database is not working/done.
        # Future versions might utilize the ACCUMULATE functionality,
        # or use the other implementation in the specific callbacks
        # (set_elem, create, delete...)
        return _confd.CONFD_OK


Thank you very much.