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25 MB xml data push is taking too much memory

when i am pushing 1 MB of xml data to confd with 1 cpu and 500 MB of RAM, its is working fine . but when i push 25 MB of Data , confd HWM memory increases up to 900MB and I have to increase the RAM. how to control memory usage for large configuration?

What ConfD version are you using? Have you tested with something mode recent such as 5.8.x?

Hi @cohult ,
I am using Confd 7.1.

ConfD version 7.1 for linux on x86_64.
Revision: 106047 (SVN)
Date: Mon Apr 15 17:17:32 CEST 2019
Erlang/OTP version:

@cohult @jlawitzke , could you please help me on the above query?

Sorry, I meant to write: Have you tested with something mode recent such as 7.8.x?

Hi @cohult I tried with confd-7.8.3 , which is even worst. its going upto 5GB of Memory. is there any configuration which can help us?

It is hard to give you any advice without knowing any details to reproduce what XML data for which YANG models and what interface. So I suggest you break down the issue to commit the data to CDB without any applications you may have, such as subscribers, external databases, validation apps, transforms, hooks, etc. If the issue is still there, I would remove tailf extensions, when and must statements, etc. I.e., divide and conquer.