5-c_stats example. Where is it?

I see mentions of 5-c_stats example in answers pertaining to tailf:call-points. Where can I find it? (confd/intro/5-c_stats). What is the material being referred to here? is it the Kickstart user guide? I don’t see the example in it.

Your ConfD distribution should contain a large set of examples in $CONFD_DIR/examples.confd, so the example you are referring to should be in $CONFD_DIR/examples.confd/intro/5-c_stats. If it is not, someone removed some examples, maybe to make the installation footprint smaller.

Or maybe something went wrong during installation; ConfD is delivered as a set of several tarballs (.tar.gz files) and one .bin file, the latter used for installation. If it finds the corresponding tarball with examples, it unpacks it and installs the example set - maybe confd-*.examples.tar.gz file could not be found by the installer?