About Aborting Current Action

Hello Folks,

I followed intro/7-c_actions example.
I define new tail-f action point which name is “loop” in the config.yang file.
And then i added a new switch case which contains this statement “for(;;){}”

and i call the loop action over cli by using this command “config system loop”
my application is entering to loop statement. Everything is ok.
But i want to abort this action.
If i press “ctrl+x”, then i see that message “Aborted: by user” on the screen.
But my application is still in the loop. Is there any programatic way to cancel current loop situation on the application code?

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See the tailf:interrupt extension (substatement to the tailf:exec extension) in the tailf_yang_extensions(5) man page (which is also an appendix in the ConfD UG)

If you used a tailf:actionpoint statement and implement an action data provider application with callbacks, register the abort() callback when you call confd_register_action_cbs(). See the confd_register_action_cbs() function in the confd_lib_dp(3) man page.