About Netconf performance

I am a user which currently I am testing confd Netconf performance.
I read Confd documents and other materials to find some useful info about performance.
However, nothing to find.
I would like to know could you please provide some detailed official test performance for me?
Including CPU, memory, I/O and get/get-config/edit-config etc.

Hello, I think this may be out of scope for this forum. The performance can be influenced by many variables, scenario etc., so it is probably good if you write your test cases for your scenario.

Generally, I would not be worried about plain NETCONF protocol performance.

If there are issues, they will probably be in application that handles data (e.g. data providers, access to underlying system, etc.), in complicated XPATH expressions over large dataset.

Thanks, mnovak. I just wonder whether confd Netconf provides official performance info about basic operation , cpu etc in a specific environment and scenario.