About TailF Actions

Hello Folks,

Can i use tailf actions in restconf?
Can i call tailf:actions over restconf ?
Is it possible ?

In the other hand, in generic, should i use tailf:actions or something else ?
Which one is the better ?
What is the advantages/disadvanteges ?

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All tailf:action, standard YANG rpc, and standard YANG 1.1 action can be invoked over RESTCONF; have a look at the relevant YANG 1.1 RFC section for the discussion of differences between the latter two, and the RESTCONF RFC for how to invoke actions. As a rule of thumb, go with the standard constructs, not Tail-f extensions; no third-party management software would understand the extensions. On the other hand, you might find a software that would refuse to work with 1.1 YANG module, but would accept and happily ignore any extensions.