Acceptable Frequency of Operational State Data Written to CDB

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In ConfD user guide documentation, there is a saying that:
State and statistics data is typically not kept in a database but read at runtime by instrumentation functions.
This can for example be counters contained inside the managed objects themselves.
An alternative to having instrumentation functions is to store state data in CDB using a write interface.
This approach can be useful when the data doesn’t change often, but is not suitable for statistics counters
in general
. This technique is described in Section 8.8, “Operational data in CDB”.

In case of writing state data to CDB, what is an acceptable level of writing frequency? For instance, is it OK to write a bunch of state data to CDB in every 1 second or in every 5 seconds? What is the pitfall behind this?

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I think writing bunch of state data every second is OK. It also depends, if you overwrite existing CDB operational data or you keep adding them to some list. When list grows, from time to time ConfD/CDB performs database file compression, which may cause small delay. Generally, keep in mind ConfD CDB is not suitable to store big operational data (Gigabites) as it operates as in memory database. For this, external storage should be used (with data provider).

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Hi mnovak,

Thanks for your kind support. There is not growing list in our scope, just a bunch of state data. So it seems like feasible from your answer.