Action command not availabe till I configure something


One query i am not able to use my action commands , till i configure something on my application module.

is it possible to use action commands without configuring ?.



as we do not know your environment, you need to be more explicit in what you’re trying to do…

what does it mean “not able to use”? how do you try to invoke action? do you use cli/netconf? do you get some error message when you fail to invoke action?

can you give an example of request/response before/after configuring “something” - sequence of steps that seem to help your action to run…

it’s not clear what you mean by configuring…

If the action in your YANG models is defined “inside” some configuration elements, than you cannot invoke action unless you define the wrapping configuration first, to allow “existence” of action point…


Thanks for the response…

my yang file:

container Dummy {
            config false;
            description " dummy Configuration Settings";
            presence "dummy settings";
            uses "dummy:statsInfo";
            container CompName {
                    description "It takes values a, b ,c";
                    presence "CompName settings";
                    uses "dummy:CompNameInfo";

where my action commands are defined in “statsInfo”, i am not able to see Dummy container in operational mode .


If i give in config then i am able to see

local(config)>Dummy ?

My requirement is to use action commands in operational state.

Is it possible ?..


What you see can be affected by what’s in the groupings that you refer to (but we don’t see)…
Try to simplify your YANGs to short example, so we don’t need to guess what’s where.

i’m still confused - this issue is named “action command not available” - but here the YANG model shows “config false” structure.

What do you expect to see and what you actually see? Do you expect to see some command/action output, or CLI hints/completion?

in J style CLI (i assume you use J style CLI due to “>” char in your example line), you normally invoke “actions” using “request” command in both operational and config mode, e.g.:

local> request Dummy ...

When you talk about “no configuration” - i assume your code in data provider returns “data not found” for config false “dummy” presence container to ConfD. When you configure “something” - i assume your data provider starts returning “found” response for presence container.

If this is true, ConfD CLI then does not hint you with action completion on “empty config” - as there’s no “dummy” container according to your provider - there’s also no children - no actionpoint to be invoked…