Adding Multiple callbacks in cli script

Hi, I wanted to ask if it is possible to use two callback functions in a cli script for a cli command.
For example, I wanted to do something similar as below. In the example, the capi callback is already applied and runs every time I run the add command.
The question here is : Can I run the check_points script before add_points?

> <configureMode>
> 	<cmd name="add">
> 		<callback>
> 			<exec>
> 				<osCommand>./</osCommand> 
> 				<args></args>
> 			</exec>
> 			<capi>
> 				<cmdpoint>add_points</cmdpoint>
> 			</capi>
> 		</callback>
> 	</cmd>
> </configureMode>

Also if i can run both callabacks .I wanted to know if there is the possibility to run the capi callback if the check_points returns success.

I do not know it this is possible. What you can do is to use only capi callback and call / from it.
In this way you can also fully control flow and logic as you want (stop processing if ./ fails).