Adding wild cards in the path of AAA rules

Can i use wild cards in the ‘path’ leaf under the nacm data-model. For e.g. in the below model i have mentioned the key value as XY1. So if the user tries to delete the key XY1 then it will get denied.

<config xmlns="">
    <nacm xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-netconf-acm">

I want to scale the rule across multiple keys of specific pattern, for e.g. if i have keys ranging from XY1 to XY100 and XZ1 to XZ100. And i just want to deny the deletion of the keys XY1 to XY100.
Please note: deletion of keys from XZ1 to XZ100 should be allowed.

Can i achieve the above by using wild cards in the key name , for e.g. if i use ‘XY*’ instead of XY1 to XY100 in the path? I tried various combination of wild cards on the XPATH value in PATH leaf , but none worked.

Wild cards are not allowed in the path. You can either skip the key to refer to all keys or use a key to match one list entry.
See RFC 8341 “Network Configuration Access Control Model”:

Thank you. Please suggest if i can use any method to handle such cases. This to make sure the AAA rules can be scaled across multiple keys of particular pattern.