After commiting any configuration changes do confd waiting for Application to acknowleged then only shows commit successful?


We have some issue, after comming the changes in one of the configuration we observed the confdcli hangs for almost 15 min and then aborted message came.

when we make changes in configuration and commit: Confd sending the notification to the subscriber and waiting for acknowledgement, after successful acknowledgement confd changes the configurations in the CDB database and then shows commit is successful.

  1. is Confd keep the changed configuration in cache and shows commit successful and then sending notification to application ,and once received the acknowledgement then modify the database. the #2 if getting negative acknowledgement from application then it won’t change the configuration in CBD and remove the cache and shows as aborted.

ConfD can run two types of CDB subscriptions - simple, and two-phase (prepare+commit). (more details on ConfD user guide), so the overall picture depends on what types of subscribers you have:

Assuming that the subscriber is a two-phase subscriber, then yes - ConfD notifies subscriber, and it can cause ConfD to reject/abort the commit in the first - “prepare” phase of subscription.

The simple subscriber can fail applying changes to “device”, but ConfD will not abort the transaction either way - it will be “successful” from northbound point of view.

Not sure if this answers your question - let me know if you need more details, or describe a bit more specific scenario of your problem.