Allow multiple entry for leaf-list with only one command

I’m looking to add multiple entry separated by comma on my cli
something like that.
this is my incomplete yang model.

container test {
     leaf-list my_cn {
              type enumeration {
                enum "foo" {
                  value 1;
                enum "bar" {
                  value 2;
                enum "qux" {
                  value 4;
                enum "corge" {
                  value 8;

CLI>conf t
config>test foo,bar,qux,quux,corge,grault

You can, by default, enter multiple, space-separated values, if you surround them with brackets, e.g.

test my_cn [ foo bar qux ]

and so on. Additionally, you can do that without the brackets if you use the tailf:cli-flat-list-syntax extension for the leaf-list - see the tailf_yang_cli_extensions(5) manual page.