Alternate way to use tailf:cli-suppress-quotes for keys

tailf:cli-suppress-quotes mandates that the configuration data for leaf will not be wrapped in double quotes but it doesn’t work if the leaf is a “key".

Is there any alternate way for key leaf?

What is your use-case?
Are you perhaps trying to achieve what tailf:cli-multi-word-key does for you?

Thanks for the quick response.

list policy-map {
key “name”;
leaf name {
type string;

If the string value has special character, it will be enclosed with double quotes.

For Example, if string value is policy!map, it will enclosed with “policy!map”.

I do not want it to be enclosed with double quotes. This can be achieved with “tailf:cli-suppress-quotes” for non-key leaf.

I am sure you can do better than that when describing the use case.
As you probably already discovered, /confdConfig/cli/noEmbeddedComments when set to ‘true’ will then have ! and # be treated as ordinary characters unless they appear first on a line, in which case the rest of the line will be considered a comment.
When you show the key you will however still have double quotes around keys that contain such a special character. Question is, why is that a problem for you?