Any southbound with netconf example available?

Hi, I just downloaded ConfD basic, I want to build an abstraction layer based on confd to separate network service provision development from actual physical device configuration, i.e. I want the developer to model the service anyway that makes sense to them, I don’t want them to know or deal with the actual device configuration. I understand that with ConfD basic I can use netconf for northbound as long as the service model is established, but where do I find southbound netconf connection examples? none of the examples come with ConfD basic illustrate how to talk to a real network device via netconf.

It looks like you have confused NSO with ConfD. The ConfD User Forum is focused on ConfD related questions or NETCONF and YANG general questions. NSO related questions are out-of-scope here. For NSO related questions, you should use the NSO Developer Hub at

If you want to add NETCONF layer to the device, then ConfD is right choice. ConfD talks to the devices in the same way, regadless of what northbound interface is ued (netconf, cli, restonf, …). This is usually done in CDB subscription (to store data into device) or with data provider callback (to read data from device). See 1-2-3-start-query-model example for subscriber, 5-c_stats example for data provider…