Any way to turn on confd debug to get the dump of rpc messages?


We have some struggling now with the confd with ODL. We want to see what’s the exact rpc message confd receives from ODL.

Is there a way to turn on this debug so we can see the exact rpc XML format confd is receiving? This can help us in debugging the ODL/confd issue we are experiencing.

Basically it seems ODL is sending edit-config to the candidate. Thus if ODL config is not complete, the missing config will be missing after commit.

We tried to disable candidate on confd.conf, but this does not help ODL. We want to see under which scenario confd will do delete action to the node is not in the edit-config.

You can turn on the NETCONF tracing facility in ConfD to help debug interactions with NETCONF clients such as ODL. The confd.conf configuration parameter to use is as follows:

/confdConfig/logs/netconfTraceLog - container element

netconfTraceLog is a log for understanding and troubleshooting NETCONF protocol interactions. When this log is enabled, all NETCONF traffic to and from ConfD is stored to a file. By default, all XML is pretty-printed. This will slow down the NETCONF server, so be careful when enabling this log. This log is not rotated, i.e. use logrotate(8).

An example specification of this parameter is as follows:


Happy debugging!