Association rule check-list for SNMP and YANG models

Hi ,
We have Yang files and MIB files (This is same as we have for ietf-interfaces.Yang and IF-MIB.mib) both supporting in standard and enterprise specific models.
We are trying to provide single external data-providers and we thought by writing association rules in the .yang files for the MIB model we can achieve the same.
We are following the chapter-18: The SNMP Agent topic and are trying to use the listed key-words to assciate them like snmp-name , snmp-oid , secondary-index , snmp-mib-module-name etc.,

I would like to understand ::

  1. Is there any detailed document or white-paper discussing the pros and cons of this approach ?
  2. More detailed docuent exclusive for this SNMP and Yang interactions ?
  3. Check-list or good practice in Yang to follow in this approach ?
  4. What statements or sub-statements usage in Yang will be challenges for the association rules to be formed , for example , usage of "augument " in .Yang will pose any issue while writing association rules ?
  5. The provided exaples are not discussing all Yang patterns used and request for a full list like multiple keys and different key types.

Vijaya Sanjana R