Async messages to a northbound interface?

Looking through the documentation and either I’m missing it, or just not using the right keywords on searching. I’m looking to see if there is any mechanism for a data provider to push async messages to a northbound interface (similar idea to SNMP traps). Lets say I want to give some sort of visual indication of when a port link-state changes (by visual, it might be a CLI message on the console or a change to a notification to a NETCONF/RESTful client). Obviously I can write to a log file or broadcast to all the TTYs, but that only deals with CLI-ish northbound interfaces. What should I be looking for or any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I should be clear this is for relevant operational information, not configuration changes…

Hi mgr,

NETCONF notifications are designed for this specific purpose (Asynchronous messages carrying data like configuration changes or operational change).

You can always print to CLI as well but it’s ugly as it interferes with what users might be doing.

For NETCONF notifications, you can take a look at the example: netconf_notifications.

More details about notifications can be found in section 15.7 of the user guide.