Avoid container name in show output

I have yang model as below,

container A {
config false;
callpoint a1;
leaf 1 {
leaf 2 {
leaf 3{

If I give show A it displays

A 1 = value_1
A 2 = value_2
A 3 = value_3

Any ideas on how to skip the container name from popping up in the show output without using a show template? I am running into a limitation with using a show template because some of the leaf displays are conditional on the value of other leafs.

Try adding “tailf:cli-add-mode” to the container.

Confd user guide indicates “Can be used in config nodes only” for cli-add-mode. I am using oper data to display the content of the leafs of the above container.

Try tailf:cli-column-stats for the same effect on the show output as tailf:cli-add-mode

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thanks. That worked!