Avoid some warnings in yang files

Hello, I have
some warnings on my yang files that I would like to remove but I do not
know exactly what is the right way to proceed.
I try to use tailf:cli-suppress-mode but i got an error.

file.yang:1065: warning: when tailf:cli-drop-node-name is given, it is recommended that tailf:cli-suppress-mode is used in combination. using tailf:cli-drop-nodename in a list child without using tailf:cli-suppress-mode on the list, might lead to confusing behaviour, where the user enters the submode without being able to give further configuration.

leaf leaf1 {
      type uint8 {
        range "0..7";
        tailf:info "<0-7>;;Number 0..7";

file.yang:738: warning: cannot have tailf:cli-boolean-no and tailf:cli-compact-syntax (found at file.yang:800) at the same time. tailf:cli-boolean-no interferes with tailf:compact-syntax.

         leaf auto-down {
           type boolean;

See confdc man page:

-w ErrorCode - Do not report the warning ErrorCode, even if --fail-on-warnings is given. ErrorCode must be a warning. Use --list-errors to get a listing of all errors and warnings.

So in your case:
$ confdc --list-errors | grep -B 1 "at the same time."
Message: cannot have ~s and ~s (found at ~s) at the same time.~s

$ confdc -c -w TAILF_BAD_COMBO
will ignore the “bad combo” warnings you get.