Bulk alarm generation

Dear Community,

I have installed Confd 7.6. I use “~/confd/examples.confd/netconf_notifications$ make all start-builtin” to generate alarms one by one by pressing a keyword (d for linkdown, u for linkup, etc).

Is there any version that generates bulk alarms?

The sender needs to call confd_notification_send() for each notification (e.g. alarm) that is sent. See ConfD UG chapter “Sending Notifications from an Application” and the confd_lib_dp(3) man page for details.

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Thank you.
I am a NMS engineer & looking for an easy way to accomplish this. Is there any script available?


The easiest way is already described above. The southbound code (to ConfD) needs to fill the information needed according to the notification definition in the YANG module.

Thank you @ cohult & @ nabil.

I modified notifier_builtin_replay_store.c to generate alarms in bulk. In fact, there is an existing option to generate 10k alarms in one go.