Calling EJBs from CONFD

We have a requirement where on edit-config we need to call EJBs to make changes on the device.How can we achieve this?
More in general how does the device configuration get modified by edit-config?i.e; in all the examples the changes take place in cdb candidate and running database. How these changes are propagated to
the device?


You will use the cdb subscription feature in order to be notified of changes in the running database. Refer to Chapter 5.6, CDB Subscriptions, for information on this feature. You can also find pertinent examples under the cdb_subscription directory. In fact the 1-2-3-start-query-model under intro also shows the use of CDB subscriptions.

Notification doesn’t contains all the changes.
example for edit-config where router_name,id,ip_address and vrf_name are modified.
In the notification not all details are present only xpath for rt_interfaces is present.
how will I know all the changes that are done.

I was referring to the use of CDB subscriptions and not NETCONF notifications. With CDB subscriptions, you get details of all changes done through edit-config.

I am using Tailf JNC (Java Netconf Client) I am able to register for notifications, Are you aware how to subscribe to cdb in JNC?

I believe you cannot do that directly using JNC only - JNC is not ConfD specific, but general YANG / NETCONF tool that can be used to talk with ConfD via northbound API - NETCONF.

CDB subscriptions are, regarding the architecture, southbound component, and can be created using confd library - either in C (ConfD basic), or Java/Python/… if you use ConfD Premium.