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Calling maapi_apply_trans() function is failing when another transaction is already going on

Hi all,

From a netconf client, I send a GET XML to fetch some operational data & it takes sometime for this transaction to finish as there is a good amount of data present. In between, I’m trying to set /confdConfig/netconf/enabled as false through maapi APIs. I create a transaction, set the element & then call maapi_apply_trans().

But, the function maapi_apply_trans() gets stuck the moment it is called & also the GET transaction stopped processing (I don’t see any more get_next/get_elem coming in trace log). After the control/worker socket timeout expires (both timeout are set to the same value), maapi_apply_trans() returns CONFD_ERR & the GET transaction is not resumed.

What is the reason for the transactions to be stuck? Is there any way to identify whether a transaction is already running before initiating a new transaction?