Callpoint calling sequence

Hi Team,

Is there a sequence in which the various callpoints are called.
For e.g., if i have transform callpoint and transaction hook callpoint (with invocation-mode per-transaction) , is there a sequence in which it will get called per transaction i.e. will transform get called first followed by transaction hook callpoint?

Suggestions will be helpful


The transform callbacks will be called before the transaction-hook per-transaction write_all() callback.

Is there any document which explains the calling sequence of various callpoints.
I can see that CLI doesnt call validation callpoint before and after the commit. It is called only after the commit is executed. But in NETCONF, validation callpoint is called before and after the commit i.e. pre-commit and post-commit

You will get those details from the developer log with the log level set to trace in your confd.conf when running your tests or applications that use the northbound interfaces. In general, your validation code should not care when it is executed. The same goes for your transforms and transaction-hooks.
I assume you are referring to the NETCONF <commit> operation? That is not the same thing as a CLI commit command.