Callpoints and registration

Hi Team,

Is there any memory impact if a certain transform callpoint is not part of the running system but there are daemon running in the same system which actually handles such unavailable callpoints.
For example : i have a running daemon which handles the transform callpoint “a”, but in the running system, the callpoint “a” is not declared, i.e. the confd compilation doesnt actually compile the file which has the callpoint defined in it, so it is not available in the running system.


i haven’t tested this myself, but I’d expect that if ConfD lib daemon tries to register for a callpoint “a” that is not declared in ConfD data models, you would get an error…
(so no effect on memory of ConfD, only on whatever your daemon itself does/needs until it hits the error)

edit: oops, seems like this is allowed and i can see something like:

  id=transcp ** not registered
  **unknown id=badtranscp daemonId=0 daemonName=transform callbacks=get_case,remove,create,set_elem,get_next,get_elem,exists_optional

when i “register” for non-existent name…

So is it okay to have such pattern? will it cause issues in overall memory or will it cause any memleak?