Can I block execution of a 'show list-name' on a list but still allow for the TAB key to display the keys of the list

Let us say I have a list people with key ‘name’ and the list contains a lot of other data as well. As such, I want the user to look at the list of people. However, I don’t want the user to do ‘show people’ and get a list of all the people since the data is too huge and might take a load on my system. Is there a way to allow this using command authorization? If so, how?

Regarding the “TAB” key in the the subject line, note that you can further adjust the maximum completion from confd.conf “/confdConfig/cli/completionShowMax”. As you already noticed, default is 100.

You can of course add a NACM rule to not allow certain user groups or all to show a leaf in a list from the CLI.

Another variant would be to remove the “nomore” option using the clispec.

<clispec xmlns="" style="c">
      <delete src="nomore"/>