Cannot download Confd confd-basic-

I cannot download the latest Confd [].
I login with my google account, but any time I am trying to click the download link a new pop up window comes out that says that I need to login to a cisco account. After I login there a File Download Agreement window pops up, but after that a new window says:

Download Failed

Your account does not have the appropriate access to display the requested page. Please contact your Cisco account representative for further direction.

I never had “Cisco account representative” once for ever, I do remember to create a cisco account long time ago to download the Confd, maybe that account is not valid any more, but why I was able to login then.

I was trying to create a new cisco account but it did not let me do that and told me that my email already linked to that account.


Any update on this problem?
I still cannot download the ConfD basics.