Cannot Download Free Version

Hi, I’m trying to download from Each time I click the link to download the zip archive I get a DevNet login, even after I have already logged in. What am I doing wrong? I created my account type as guest.


I’m having the same problem, but with the darwin addition.

Thanks for reporting this. Cisco DevNet had a server migration a few days ago. I am checking into whether this has created an issue for ConfD Basic downloads. I will let you know what I find out.

I created a new personal account for myself on DevNet and have confirmed that there is an issue with downloading. I have submitted a trouble ticket to DevNet to have this resolved. I will post an update when I have one.

The download issue which was caused by the DevNet server migration has now been fixed. Apologies for this taking a while to fix. The holiday break caused it to take longer than it should have.