Cdb_get_values() returning error while reading data from openconfig yang path

Hi All,

I am getting following error while reading the data from path </components/component{%s}/properties/property/> using cdb_get_values() :
ERROR=“item has a bad/wrong type” LASTERR=“Bad tag value: 1909832767” ERRNO=5.

Although i am able to get the proper number of instances using cdb_num_instances() of path </components/component{%s}/properties/property/> .

Even from the postman i am able to access this path and also receiving the required data.
Can anyone please help me to understand what could be the possible reasons to get this error?

Did you provide the correct tag value array for the nodes that you want to get?

See the confd_lib_cdb(3) man page description of cdb_get_values() for details and an example.

The examples.confd/dp/generic_perf/src/cdboper_dp.c use cdb_get_values().
nmda/05-hardware-management/src/system_controller.c + card.c use maapi_get_values() that use the same tag value array and path parameters as cdb_get_values().