CDB registration subscription


I have the CDB keypath registration to a container in the yang.

When exactly during the commit phase does the cdb callback get triggered ?

My initial understanding is that once the commit commands returns to the cli, we get notified of the events and then the callbacks are triggered based on the subscriptions.

But by enabling the developer logs, it is observed that the commit phase first signals the dh(which then processes notifications) registered, waits for the acknowledgements from the DHs.
So basically commit waits for all these to finish and then only returns back?

There is considerable delay in DH since the configuration used is a scaled one and then commit has to wait for nearly 3mins for the control to return back.

Could you please let me know if is this sequence of events normal in the cdb flow or can this commit delay can be avoided ?

Vaishnavi CU

CDB Subscriptions are called after transaction is fully finished.

The exception is two phase commit subscription which is called already in PREPARED phase.
See transaction state diagram (ConfD User Guide chapter 7.5 or confd_lib_dp - description of function confd_register_trans_cb) and section confd_lib_cdb, function cdb_subscribe2 for description of two phase subscriber.

Please, can you explain what is meant by DH? Is it some callback (data provider, action, validation etc.)?


Thank you for your inputs.

Yes I could observe from the developer logs, that as part of the prepare phase, all subscribed handlers are notified, and then waits for the acknowledgements from them.

By DH, I mean the configuration data handlers(callbacks) which act based on the notification from CDB.

As I understand from the state diagram, this prepare phase cannot be bypassed if there is a commit happening for the transaction.