Cdb_sub_progress does not print to the CLI console during commit

I have used cdb_sub_progress(sub_sock, “Message to be printed”); in my code. I do not see this message being printed in the CLI console. Anyone knows the reason for this??

From ConfD User guide:

Depending on which north-bound interface that triggered the transaction, the string passed may be reported by that interface. Currently this is only presented in the CLI when the operator requests detailed reporting using the commit | details command.

Did you use commit | details in your CLI session?

Yes I had tried “commit | details”. But it said that the command does not exist. Just found the solution for this. There is a variable in confd.conf to enable “commit | details”. It works only if that is set to true.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Good investigation. Thanks for sharing this info :+1: