CdbSubcription.getModifications() returning XMLConfigParam with value as ENUM(0)

I’m using CdbSubcription.getModifications() to get the changes in prepare phase and converting it to Document using toDOM(ConfXMLParam[] params, String parentNode, String parentURI) method
Return String DOM representation of a (Conf)XML-structure.
But this method is not returning the actual enum value instead it returns ordinalValue.
< test:test_leaf >Enum(0)</test:test_leaf>
Is there a way to get the enum value in this case?

See, for example,

The process_modifications() function takes modifications from the CdbSubcription.getModifications() and produces NETCONF XML from the ConfD TagValue format.

I don’t have a Java example. See the examples.confd/cdb_subscription/modifications_java/ and change it to do something similar to the Python demo linked to above.