Change setting in confd.conf with MAAPI or Management Interface


Is it possible to configure some setting(like /confdConfig/netconf/idleTimeout) with maapi? I was trying remove the line “tailf:export none” from confd_cfg.yang, then re-generated confd_cfg.fxs and replace the confd/lib/core/confd/priv/confd_cfg.fxs. But I found the /confdConfig was still invisible. Is there a way to configure such setting at run-time without restarting confd daemon?

Thanks a lot.

Check if runtimeReconfiguration is set to namespace in confd.conf

From UG

/confdConfig/runtimeReconfiguration (config-file|namespace) [config- file]

Controls whether ConfD should find run-time modifiable configuration parameters in the
configuration file (config-file setting) or whether ConfD should them from a namespace 
with the data stored in CDB. 

See further the Advanced Topics chapter in the Users Guide as well as the
confdconf/ dyncfg example in the example collection.

Thanks mghosh for the help.

In these days I followed the instruction in UG to do an expriment. I found some entries do not exist in confd_dyncfg.yang, like “sshServerKeyDir”, so I can not add an item in *_init.xml for the initialization. Is there any special restriction for this? Can I add the missed ones into confd_dyncfg.yang?

confd_dyncfg.yang contains the settings which is allowed to be changed in runtime. I am assuming sshServerKeyDir cannot be changed once confd has started.

I am afraid that adding fields in the yang would not work. Because some agent needs to be there to handle (do the actual work in OS) runtime configuration of the yang. And in this case it is confd itself.


Thanks for the rapid reply.

Understood that runtime configuration also needs confd to handle it. For those items like “sshServerKeyDir”, “cryptHash”, if I still keep them in confd.conf, will confd load them from confd.conf even I set “runtimeReconfiguration” to namespace? Also, CDB will always use the confd.conf, right?