Changing confd passwords

According to the confd manual:

Normally the AAA data will be stored as configuration in CDB. This allows for changes to be made
through ConfD’s transaction-based configuration management.

I am using the CLI started with 'confd_cli -u admin -C"

I am confused as per which command(s) to use to update the password of the user ‘admin’ and of others too:

bmarconi-autovnfd-uas-1(config)#aaa authentication users user ?    
% No entries found
bmarconi-autovnfd-uas-1(config)#aaa authentication users user admin
syntax error: incomplete path

What is the command ?

Thank you


You need to invoke the tailf:action of change-password. Following is an example:

localhost(config)# aaa authentication users user admin change-password 
Possible completions:
  confirm-password   Confirm New password
  new-password       New password
  old-password       Old password

An action is of course nice when CLI users change the password, however, in this case it seems like admin user is not authorized or similar to access the users authentication settings. Try for example the examples.confd/intro/1-2-3 example as a reference.

I understand my mistake… I was using a user without the adequate privilege. Switching to a user with the proper privilege allowed me to change the passwords.

deploy:/home/ubuntu# confd_cli -u security-admin -C
deploy(config)#aaa authentication users user 
Possible completions:
  Login name of the user  admin  oper  range  security-admin
deploy(config)#aaa authentication users user oper ?
Possible completions:
  gid          Group Identifier
  homedir      Absolute path to user's home directory
  ssh_keydir   Absolute path to directory where user's ssh keys may be found
  uid          User Identifier
deploy(config)#aaa authentication users user oper 
(<hash digest string>): ***