Chapter 25 SNMP Gateway Example Problem

Hello I’m trying to implement the SNMP Gateway example in Chapter 25 of the User Guide for confd 6.4.2. But get an Internal Error from confdc.

I took a Cisco Interface MIB called IF-MIB which I assume what is in the example for Chapter 25, although, this example is truncated and not found in the user guide.

These steps produce the confdc compile error:
*[working] convert IF-MIB to yang (needs some dependencies which I also convert to yang)
*[working] compile the yang and dependencies into .fxs files
*[get confdc internal compiler error] compile the mib and fxs files into a .bin file per Chapter 17

The exact error is this:

➜  mibs confdc -f /opt/confd/lib/confd/lib/core/confd/priv/ /opt/confd/etc/confd/snmp/ -c IF-MIB.mib IF-MIB.fxs
Internal error

=ERROR REPORT==== 4-Aug-2017::17:17:40 ===
confd_snmpc:474: badarg[{ets,new,
➜  mibs confd --version

Any ideas?


There is an example under examples.confd/misc/snmpgw that illustrates the use of the ConfD->SNMP Gateway feature. If you have further questions after working through that example, file a RT ticket with our support team.