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Chunk upload support through RESTCONF

Hi All,

Is there a support in RESTCONF for Content type - multipart/form-data header?

I’d like to design endpoints using which client should be able to upload large data object.

Is there a support in confd to achieve this? How can I design my YANG model to achieve the same?

Please help me on this.

No, nothing like that is supported (or requested by any relevant RFCs, as far as I know). Can you describe the use-case in more detail? Correct me if I’m wrong, but multipart/form-data usage is not really related to size of the data to be POSTed.

I’d like to create a POST endpoint, using which I’d like to upload a large size image say 10gb. Would be using Amazon S3 multipart upload mechanism to implement the same through an action point.

Please give your inputs on this.


Why not use for example nginx that has that capability to both serve uploads and proxy RESTCONF to ConfDs web server?