CLI over SSH and disabled built-in SSH server


I’m working on a solution where built-in SSH is disabled and authentication is taken over openSSH. netconf-subsys is also used.
So far so good! netconf-subsys takes care of ssh traffic and forwards it to port 2023. What should I do in order to utilize cli over ssh by using openSSH for authentication?
Should I modify netconf-subsys in order to handle port 2024 traffic also or this does not make sense at all?
Should I introduce a new openSSH subsystem for explicit port 2024 traffic handling?
Something else?


One way is to add the following to your sshd_config file:

Match LocalPort 2024
    ForceCommand /path/to/confd/bin/confd_cli

Remember to also add
Port 2024
to sshd_config and in confd.conf disable SSH for the CLI