Cli "Possible Completions" returns limited result

I implemented custom completion callback in java. It executes some script and pass its output as completion result. When tab or “?” is given on cli, it suppose to return around 275 options as result. But, it only results in 100 options in cli. It mentions like below:
Possible completions: (first 100):

When any alphabet character is given instead of tab or “?”, it returns correct result as it is very less than the limit (100). I can see in the logs that script is called every time and number of items is 275. But, it is only first 100 displayed in cli. This is in alphabetical order. Is there any suggestion to override this limit of options displayed in cli? Thanks in advance.

This is controllable via a confd.conf settings.

/confdConfig/cli/completionShowMax  (int64) [100]

Maximum number of possible alternatives to present when doing completion.
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I added this change in confd.conf in cli.
xml tag:
completionShowMax 1000 completionShowMax
I see new change is there in the file. But, on cli, it still shows only first 100.
Possible completions: (first 100):
Here is my confd version:
ConfD version 7.2.1 for linux on x86_64.
Revision: 108180 (SVN)
Date: Sat Oct 19 14:37:10 CEST 2019

Check if you have /confdConfig/runtimeReconfiguration set to “namespace”. If so, that config is likely taken from CDB. See ConfD UG Chapter “Storing ConfD configuration parameters in CDB”.
If not, restart to reload the configuration pointed to by the confd -c flag. See the confd(1) man page.