Clispec file uses for notInterruptible cli configuratoin

I want to enable notInterruptible option in CLI to abort ctrl+c. i am using following configuaration in cli spec file, but i am still able to use ctrl+c. what changes is needed to disable ctrl+c in CLI, please help on this.


Hi Sachin,
Would you mind posting you configuration again, it’s not visible in your post. The issue is likely your xml, which must be properly quoted. Intent your XML 4 space or use the “</>” button from the row above to make it visible in the post.

I’ve gone in and edited the original post so that the XML shows.

“/clispec/operationalMode/start” refers to the start command only, which is executed when the CLI starts. The clispec(5) manage says:

The “start” command is executed when the CLI is started. It can be used to, for example, remind the user to change an expired password. It contains (in order) zero or one “callback” elements, and zero or one “options” elements.

To set the notInterruptible option for a regular command use “/clispec/$MODE/cmd/options/notInterruptible” as in this small example:

    <cmd name="sleep">
      <info>Sleep for a while</info>
      <help>Sleep specified number of seconds using the sleep shell command.</help>
          <help>Number of seconds to sleep.</help>

Note that you can’t enable “notInterruptible” globally, it must be explicitly set for all command where you want this behavior.

Also note that the “/clispec/$MODE/cmd/callback/exec/options/interrupt” option is set to “ctrlc”. In my experience this is necessary for “notInterruptible” to behave as expected.

Thanks for your reply. it is helpfull for me.