com.tailf.dp.DpException: Can't initialize Dp at com.tailf.dp.Dp.<init>( at com.tailf.dp.Dp.<init>( at com.tailf.dp.Dp.<init>( at com.mitel.cms.OSSSnmpManager.main(


Dp dp = new Dp(“SampleDPConnection_2”, new Socket(“localhost”, 2022));


com.tailf.dp.DpException: Can’t initialize Dp
at com.tailf.dp.Dp.(
at com.tailf.dp.Dp.(
at com.tailf.dp.Dp.(
at com.mitel.cms.OSSSnmpManager.main(
Caused by: com.tailf.conf.ConfException: unexpected end of file
at com.tailf.conf.ConfInternal.readFill(
at com.tailf.conf.ConfInternal.termRead(
at com.tailf.conf.ConfInternal.termRead(
at com.tailf.dp.Dp.readResponse(
at com.tailf.dp.Dp.(


just to verify, is port 2022 correct? Usually CONFD_PROT is used (value 4565) unless overridden (see /confdConfig/confdIpcAddress/port and 28.6. ConfD IPC in the ConfD User Guide). 2022 is usually assigned for NETCONF port (/confdConfig/netconf/transport/ssh/port).

Then you need to use:

new Socket("localhost", Conf.PORT)

Thanks, now I am able to make the connection but locally only

But if i use some remote ip like

where is the ip of my windows machine from where I am making the socket connection…

confd --reload gives the error –
Cannot bind to internal socket : can’t assign requested address

Do I need to specify some securty setting or


Please sugget

ConfD 6.3 UG “Chapter 28.6. ConfD IPC” is your friend here