Commit confirmed initiated rollback shows extra changes as uncommitted

  1. In a config exclusive session, we changed a leaf param, let’ say ‘param1’ and then committed (normal commit operation) and closed the session.
  2. In another config exclusive session, changed another leaf param, ‘param2’ and did "“commit confirmed 5”. Exited the session and did not confirm commit for 5 mins.
  3. As expected, got a message about commit being rolled back because of timeout.
  4. Again opened another config exclusive and chose ‘not to discard’ uncommitted changes.
  5. However, ‘show configuration diff this’ shows both param2 (expected) and param1 (unexpected) as uncommitted changes. Also, there is no config loss since the param1 change done in step 1) remains intact. Only issue is why it’s being shown as uncommitted when it was not changed in the session where ‘commit confirmed 5’ command was fired.
  6. Able to reproduce at will in both confd 7.3.2 and confd 8.0
  7. The logs are not helping to suggest what could be wrong.

I suggest you test with the latest ConfD, 8.0.14. I cannot reproduce the issue with that version.

Actually there is one more data point. We are able to reproduce it always but only when a specific config schema is put and not able to reproduce on another system where a different schema is loaded.

We are in the process of upgrading to 8.0.14, but can you also let us know if there are some specific debug logs that can be enabled which may be helpful in debugging in case we see the issue with 8.0.14 as well.

The developer log with log level set to trace in confd.conf will provide the debug info you need.