Compiling non-rfc compliant mib


We are trying provide support for a snmp agent simulator using a customer provided mib which is non-rfc compliant.

When comping the mib we are getting the below error.

Yang/txxx.mib:3443: last subidentifier assigned to alarm1on may not be zero
Where alarm1on is of NOTIFICATION-TYPE
And the compilation fails.

We just wanted to know whether is there any option or any work around using which we can compile this mib successfully with last subidentifer value to be zero.

If we change the last subidentifer to 1. Compilation succeds but, the expected trap oid does not match that of real ne and our test fails. Hence, we have the last subidentifer 0 only (value for from real ne).

Requesting you to please help me with this issue.

Try using the smidump tool directly. Example:

$CONFD_DIR/bin/smidump --keep-going --format=yang SOME-MIB.mib