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Compiling the confD daemon from source


I have a general question on compiling the confD daemon. Can this daemon be compiled from the source code? Mainly is the daemon architecture specific? Can it be run on any target system, lets say running ARM or powerpc etc… If it can be run, can you please provide me the steps to do it?


The ConfD daemon is only made available in binary format for its supported platforms. If you need its distribution for architectures beyond what is provided by ConfD Basic, you can contact regarding ConfD Premium.


Thank you for the reply. Now I have a question on .fxs files which are generated using the confdc compiler. Are these files architecture specific? Can I generate the .fxs file on x86 64 bit linux machine and use it on a target running ARM?


The generated fxs files are architecture independent.


Note that the ConfD APIs come in source code, so you can build the C, Java, Python, Erlang APIs for running your application on some architecture / Linux variant that is different from what the ConfD daemon is running on.
C-API - see confd-$VERSION.libconfd.tar.gz
Java API - see $CONFD_DIR/java/jar/conf-api-src-$VERSION.jar
Python API - see $CONFD_DIR/src/confd/pyapi
Erlang API - see $CONFD_DIR/erlang/econfd