Completion actionpoint

Hello Team,

I have added a completion actionpoint to a leaf node in my yang and implemented the callpoint in the C application. On the CLI, when I give a "?"at the specific leaf node, I see the following error logs from confd. Please suggest what could I be missing.

devel-c action completion() request for callpoint ‘exit-interface-complete’
devel-c action completion() error {application, “”} for callpoint ‘exit-interface-complete’
confd Return error {cs_error,undefined,misc,application,undefined,undefined, undefined,undefined,undefined,false}



Check the values you return in the confd_action_reply_completion() reply from your callback.
See examples.confd/cli/climods. In particular in these places:

$ find ./examples.confd/cli/climods/ -type f | xargs grep -n "\"path\""
./examples.confd/cli/climods//callbacks.c:424:    else if (cmdparam_id && strcmp(cmdparam_id, "path") == 0) {
./examples.confd/cli/climods//range.yang:177:          tailf:cli-completion-id "path";


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