Compliance with RFC 6241 (NETCONF)


I would like to know if ConfD implementation of NETCONF is fully compliant with RFC 6241,
The clause 4.5 is of a particular interest to me.
See the quote below. The RFC is available here: RFC 6241 - Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF)

4.5 Pipelining
NETCONF requests MUST be processed serially by the managed device. Additional requests MAY be sent before previous ones have been completed. The managed device MUST send responses only in the order the requests were received.

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Yes, ConfD is fully compliant with RFC 6241, and note that the pipelining requirement in RFC 6241 refers to one NETCONF session. A NETCONF server should be able to process different sessions concurrently, as supported by ConfD.

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Thank you for the response.

  • Does this apply to user defined RPCs too?
  • If e.g. 3 different clients (separate sessions) call the same user defined RPC at the same time, will the execution be serialized?
  • Here Pipelining versus NETCONF Session you say that write operations for all sessions are serialized. Does this still hold? How about user defined RPCs?


A custom RPC, defined by a YANG roc or YANG 1.1 action or tail:action YANG extension statements, are not part of a transaction writing to CDB and will thus not be serialized.