Confd 5040000 to 6000000

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I have updated confd from 5.4 to 6.02. I had tested all possibilities( subscribe/ maapi set/ read from cdb/operational data) using 5.4. But with the latest build, I am not able to see the operational data schema in confd_cli. Could you please help me fix this?

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Can you share for example the relevant parts of your YANG model and CLI output?


Sorry for the delay.

I figured out that the yang wasn’t compiled with the latest version. I restarted everything and it worked fine( the operational data). I am facing another problem with the updated version( which we have purchased). After running commit it says “error” but the changes are committed.

I am running "confd_cli -I "

tembo# commit
syntax error: expecting

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Hi, the Cisco IOS CLI (I) style doesn’t implement transactions, so there is no “commit” command in the CLI. In I-style this will happen automatically once you press enter. If you want transactions but a Cisco style CLI, run the Cisco IOS XR © style CLI.

$ confd_cli -C -u admin
admin connected from
# config 
Entering configuration mode terminal
(config)# commit
% No modifications to commit.

Thank you very much for the reply. I would appreciate if we are made known the differences between the different types of CLIs.

Read chapter 16 “The CLI Agent” in the User Guide.