confD and DHCP (KEA or ISC-DHCP)

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I want to use confD.
Our unit using confD premium so that, we can use confD but i have some questions.

Our main purpose is to configure dhcp server over netconf.
in that case, our dhcp server can be KEA or ISC-DHCP.
as far as i know, sysrepo and KEA are working very well together.
i guess, this solution provide zero effort

confD has a base implementation KEA or ISC-DHCP?
if i can use confD, i have implement something ?
I can see any reference for using with KEA or ISC-DHCP?

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KEA comes with sysrepo already integrated, that’s why it is zero-effort. I’m not aware of existing integration for ConfD, so that would definitely require some effort. On the other hand, as I’m reading it, the sysrepo subscriber just sends full JSON configuration to KEA when the configuration changes, with some luck, something like that might not be difficult to do with ConfD either.

isc-dhcpd reference:

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[quote=“cohult, post:3, topic:3628”]
isc-dhcpd reference:[/quote]

Hello MrCohult,

This example is in the confD basic or premium.
And this example is fully functiona ?
I mean, i have to do something some stuff ?

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The referenced example can be found in both ConfD Basic and Premium.

Hello waitai,

I got it and see it. I have realized that and i saw its output.
It seems very usefull thank you.

Btw, I have another question?
How can i dockerize confD and if i dockerize confD how can i implement reference example about dhcp ?
Is there any best practise or guideline ?

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You can download ConfD Docker app note to get more information
Basically you create Dockerfile and build image.

In case you have gradle development environment, you can try this script ( to build Dockerfile/Docker image with mentioned example from ConfD distribution. Then you can modify example if you need (e.g. ssh to running docker).