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ConfD Basic 7.3 is now available

ConfD Basic 7.3 is now available on the ConfD Basic download site:

For information about new features, old feature removals, and deprecation announcements, please, see the ConfD 7.3 Release Highlights blog post:

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Hi ,

The ConfD basic 7.3 is no longer available under ?

can you please provide steps/link on how to download the ConfD basic 7.3?

Balaji Shankaran

Thank you for reporting this issue. For some unknown reason the ConfD Basic downloads page has reverted to an earlier revision. I have filed a ticket to have this resolved ASAP.

The ConfD Basic downloads page has been restored and ConfD Basic 7.3 is once again available for download.

Hi Team,

Is PowerPC package available in 7.3 version. if yes, its not available in the download section - Can you please make sure its available in the download link. if not, is there any plans for it & when will it be available?

Thanks in advance,

7.2 was the last ConfD Basic PowerPC release. We no longer release ConfD Basic for PowerPC going forward.