Confd CLI agent commits the changes but the service not getting any notification


I am facing this issue very frequently now that when i do some change in my config using the confd_cli agent and do a commit. It says commit successful but i don’t get any notification or event on my service.

This happen intermittently and otherwise most of the times i get the notification and everything works fine.

Can i get some suggestions on which direction i should debug this?
I have no idea why the communication between confd_cli agent and service is failing intermittently.

Vipin Bansal

“Notification on my service”, is that a subscriber over the ConfD CDB API, or a notification over the ConfD event API, or a NETCONF notification stream, or SNMP?

Its the subscription point notification.

The thing is when I start the service it reads all the initial config data from the confd and I have subscribed to the config change using subscription socket using cdb_subscribe API.

This subscription point works in most of the time.
But sometimes i am facing this inconsistency that the confd is running, and service is also running.
And if I make any config change to that subscription point or say any config change related to my module then that trigger is not sent to the service.
This issue happens very intermittently.

The developer log is helpful here. For example, if a subscribing application suddenly drops the communication, crashes, etc. you will get something like this in the ConfD developer log:

<ERR> 2-Feb-2017::21:09:01.856 tailf confd[26336]: devel-cdb subscriber ./dhcpd_conf closed unexpectedly (while delivering subscription notification)

To get the above entry I simply killed the dhcpd_conf process while running the examples.confd/intro/1-2-3-start-query-model example

To enable the developer log at trace level to a file called “devel.log”, your confd.conf need to contain something like: