Confd CLI to show prefix always

Current observation is that Confd CLI displays prefix in case if there are more than one container with the same name.

Is there a way to have the CLI show prefix always?

Try this in confd.conf:

/confdConfig/cli/showAllNs (boolean) [false]
   showAllNs is either 'true' or 'false'. If 'true' then all element
   names will be shown with their namespace prefix in the CLI. This is
   visible when displaying the running configuration and when
   modifying the configuration.

Thank you so much. It worked. But this does not show prefix for the root container when in configure mode and using set, whereas for sub elements it is shown.

Sounds like a bug - if you have a support contract, you could open a ticket for it. There is also a YANG extension:

       When used force the CLI to display namespace prefix of all children.

But since it only applies to the children of the node it’s used for, I guess it can’t help with your problem…