ConfD cluster HA

Hi, suppose one node has ConfD 4.0.7 and another node has ConfD 6.4.2 , is it possible for ConfD to form a HA cluster ? If not what needs to be done to bring the two into cluster ?

First of all, the fxs files between the ConfD nodes will need to be identical. Second of all, the HA switchover control code that connects to both nodes will need to be compiled in a version with the ConfD library that is compatible with both nodes.

Having said that, you will need to upgrade the node that is running ConfD 4.0.7 to a version that belongs to the ConfD 6.4 major release (any sub-releases of 6.4) in order to be able to work with another node that runs ConfD 6.4.2 in a HA cluster,.